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  • How Long to Replace Your Brake Pads----A Problem Can Not Be Ignored2017-11-18 10:11:42

    People often asked that how long the brake pads to replacement are the most appropriate. This is a hard question to answer. In addition to run long distance is relatively save the brake, the most important is whether the driving way properly. Such as driving of advance, if it can be a good grasp, you will find that there is no need to hit the brakes many times. In general, a pair of brake pad with 100000 kilometers is out of question, even up to 150000 kilometers.

    Brake pad...

  • How To Change Brake Pads In Your Cars? Make It Simple!!!2017-11-18 10:11:54

    The first thing is to check if the new brake pads are a genuine parts, its packaging integrity, anti-fake labels, package labels and the labels on brake pads are consistent, whether the product model and contents of the certificate are correspond. Before lift the vehicle, first open the cover of holding brake oil, tire screws should be loosed diagonally. If you use a simple jack to support, jack should be placed good, reinforce the wheels that do not have to replace of the brake pads. Remov...

  • What Is NAO Brake Pads2017-11-18 10:11:43

    Here we'd like to introduce non- asbestos organic type brake pad(NAO)

    Non-asbestos organic type brake pad material mainly using glass fiber, aromatic poly rayon mo or other fibers (carbon, ceramic, etc.) to as reinforcing material, its performance mainly depends on the kind of fiber and other added mixture.Non-asbestos organic brake material mainly as a substitute for asbestos and developed, for the brake drum and brake shoe, but they are also beginning to be recent att...

  • How To Identify Ceramic Brake Pads2017-11-18 10:11:39

    Option 1:
    We can identify the ceramic brake pads with color by which these specialists call it as “hardcore color”, it looks like the surface of pebble, but without any sharp lights, because we know the metallic brake pads, such as semi-metallic brake pads, low metallic brake pads have such kind of sharp light.

    Option 2:
    We can identify the ceramic brake pads by hand touch, if we we touch the surface of ceramic...

  • Brake Pad Positive Molding Technology2017-11-18 10:11:36

    The positive molding technology has already taken the position of these old two-steps production technology (cold press preforming and hot press forming).Bull Brakes as a professional brake pads manufacturer realize it earlier than lots of factories in China, and we have already imported these positive molding brake pads presses from Japan, and also bring the positive molding production technique from there. .

    The advantages of the positive molding technology for brake pads are t...


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